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Physiotherapist, Wellness Speaker

Wendy Bowen, BHSc PT, BHSc. Kin. CAMPT

Mission and Purpose

Wendy D. Bowen

To enhance your body's natural healing potential. 

I had wanted to study psychology. The universe had other plans. Through a series of synchronistic events, I graduated with degrees in Kinesiology and then Physical Therapy. 

The body has a natural ability to heal itself.  

Teaching people what needs to be done to help the body heal is a passion.  Whether this is 1:1 in the office, through youtube or facebook videos or in a larger group setting, empowering people to unleash their own healing potential is exciting. 

When dealing with chronic persistent pain and injury  a more integrative approach of body, mind and soul. My own personal body, mind, heart, and soul work greatly impacts my practice as a physiotherpist.  

I truly believe that the body has the natural abiltiy to heal itself, and all we have to do is to provide the optimal environmental conditions. 



Wendy started doing educational speaking sessions for clients in 1997. Topics were on injury prevention and management and how the body heals. She quickly became interested in why some people don’t seem to recover while others do. This led her into her current interest in the body-mind-spiritual aspect of healing. Wendy has completed workshops on Coaching Happiness and Success with Dr. Robert Holden and course work on healing and spiritual direction with Caroline Myss.

Wendy has conducted various presentations and workshops to rehabilitation groups, rotary organizations, the MS Society, the Ceevacs running club, Beta Sigma Phi sorority group, and at a conference for chiropractors and physiotherapists in England. She has also conducted workshops for personal trainers in the community. 

Wendy giving a massage

Becoming a physiotherapist

Wendy graduated with a BHSc. in Kinesiology, from the University of Waterloo.  After working for a few years at a Children’s Centre and then as a Functional Evaluator, Wendy entered the physiotherapy program at McMaster University.  Wendy Bowen has been a Registered Physiotherapist since 1997. 

As a physiotherapist, Wendy travelled and worked in Texas and Kentucky, doing mostly rehabilitation for clients with neurological disorders such as Musculosclerosis, Parkinsons, brain trauma, as well as stroke and cardiovascular/respiratory issues. She also had a strong interest in orthopaedic physiotherapy and chronic pain.  

She has completed extensive post-graduate education in the areas of manual and manipulative therapy, myofascial release work, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), and Craniosacral Therapy (level I and II). Wendy is a CAMPT (Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy) certified practitioner. 

She moved to Vancouver Island in 2000, with her focus on orthopaedic physiotherapy. In 2008, she started her own clinic, Start Line Physiotherapy, as a single practitioner. The clinic quickly expanded to 9 therapists, before she sold it in 2016. She continues to do part-time contract work out of this clinic. 

Wendy also does contract work for Genoa Integrative Health and Wellness, which is providing leading edge photobiomodulation therapy serivces.  

Wendy wil be doing half day sessions out of Tree of Life Massage in Chemainus starting October 26, 2018.   

Blending Spiritual and Physical

By alloting 30 to 60 minutes for her clients, Wendy was able to hear the client's personal stories. There were clients whose back pain increased when family came to visit, or when they were feeling stressed about money or relationships. Some of her client's neck and upper shoulder tightness resolved after resolving work issues by setting better work boundaries. Wendy was able to see first hand the body-mind-spirit connection with relationship to wellness.

Physical pain and discomfort is what brings people seek out Wendy's services as a physiotherapist. Speaking and writing help her share her knowledge, insights and wisdom with the rest of the world. 

What makes a client happiest when dealing with Wendy?

"You are always on time, you are knowledgeable, competent and intuitive, besides being a really great person! Plus you are able to get to the heart of the matter - physically but I think on other levels too!" Kim 


Wendy has always used writing as a way of spiritual connection with poetry as a form of self-expression.

Wendy self-published Living Happily Ever Now, in March 2013. Happily Ever Now, is about Wendy's journey of self-discovery. It includes a collection of her poetry along with lessons of personal growth. Through her own inner journey and reflection as well as discussions with clients, Wendy realized the significance that our emotions and feelings of self worth play on our physical health and wellbeing. She is currently working on a second book, which is about healing using the body-mind and spirit.