The Thick of Things

Navigating through cancer is at times like being on a path that is overgrown. Which path do I take when everything is overgrown and feels unfamiliar?

Listen to Life

Listen to Life was a phrase that grabbed my attention as I read The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. What exactly does it mean to Listen to Life?

A New Day

Knowing that "Life can change in the blink of an eye", can you learn to appreciate those days when you are overwhelmed and overtired? Just because you still have life? 

Is Dying Failure?

What it feels like to face mortality when it staring you right in the face? 

Life on Life's Terms

This is a reflection on Robert Ohotto's question, "Can you accept life on Life's terms?"

Days Like These

The healing journey requires periods of acclimatization. Some days are harder than others. 

My Life is a _____Journey

If life is a journey, what kind of journey are you on? 

Being Productive Without The Exhaustion

What happens when you go, go, go and run out of gas? 

What Get's You Out of Bed?

Not having work be my purpose for getting out of bed each morning, I wondered what exactly was getting me up and going each morning.  

Grief's Ghost

Have you buried your grief, only to find that the ghost of grief still haunts you? Grief emerged as an issue for me during a guided meditation.