Join me in my transition on Monday Nov 15th.

Steep and Slippery Slope

Live life moment to moment.

What Brought Me Here?

With each passing day, the reality that I am dying hits home. Dying this young wasn't part of my plan. Really though, is it part of anyone's plan?

Down the Rabbit Hole

My body may be giving way, but my Spirit does not have to follow it down the Rabbit Hole into despair.

I'd Rather Be Playing Hockey

I would rather be playing hockey than dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Our world acts in accordance with natural laws. "The 'natural' world operates on principles where fairness plays no part..." Madeleine L'Engle

Tired of the Pain

I was asked to write about how I manage my pain. Not until recently have I experienced constant, intense, unrelenting pain. Managing the pain related to the cancer in my liver, has been more challenging than dealing with any of my other sports related injuries (even my broken thumb).

What Were You Thinking?

Do you believe that your thoughts create your reality? That what you think about you bring about? While what you think does have significance, I believe that there is more to the story.

Daily Miracles

When diagnosed with an illness, one might easily pray for the miracle in the form of a cure. If all I focused on was this miracle, I might have missed out on all the daily miracles in my life.

The Thick of Things

Navigating through cancer is at times like being on a path that is overgrown. Which path do I take when everything is overgrown and feels unfamiliar?

Listen to Life

Listen to Life was a phrase that grabbed my attention as I read The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. What exactly does it mean to Listen to Life?