It's Not Personal

Many people were as surprised about me being diagnosed with cancer as I was. Perhaps it was because if it could happen to me, it could happen to them. That was how I felt by the death of Laura Harris. She was just fifty-three (my age now). She was active and outgoing. It was her death almost 12 years ago, that taught me not to wait to live life. She also taught me to swim better, helping me to make it through the 1.5 km half-ironman swim. How does someone not take cancer personally, when it has so much potential to lead to death? 

Happily Ever Now

Who am I really? How am I meant to serve the greater good? What will I do with the rest of my life? These are just a few of the questions that continue to wash over me, as I sit in that row boat, in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the fog. 

by Wendy D Bowen

Wrestling with Uncertainty

"What is your relationship with uncertainty?" Personally, I have spent the past year wrestling with life's uncertainties.  Not just because of the global pandemic, but because I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in early February 2020. 

by Wendy D Bowen

Stranger in the Dark

As part of my personal Journey of Healing, I journal every morning. I am not just writing; I am conversing with God. The God that is within me to the Source of Universal Power that is greater than myself.  This morning I heard the words, "share it." Which meant that I was to find a way to share my inner most thoughts with you.  You might be more inclined to watch a video blog than to read these words. Though if you are meant to get the message you will. 

Happily Ever Now

Ever felt alone when you were with another person? Or wondered if there is anything you can do about it?

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