Being Productive Without The Exhaustion

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Enhancing  Health, Happiness, and Productivity

What happens when you go, go, go and run out of gas? When you can no longer do the work that you need to do in order to meet the monthly bills. When you barely have enough energy to get through the work day, let alone have anything left after the work day is done. Or are you a mom, who in on call 24/7, and the tank is always on empty.

Health is not just the absence of disease and disorder; total health involves optimizing many different facets of life. It encompasses physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and relationship or social wellbeing. In Marcus Buckingham’s book First Break All the Rules, he includes a questionnaire that you can do to look at staff retention. One of the questions is,“I feel like I have a best friend at work.” You may laugh at this, but this is one element that creates the optimal work environment.

In today’s fast-paced, get-it-done yesterday society, we are often pushed to our limits. Today’s business is often focused on maximizing efficiency. How many clients can you cram into your day? How many trees can you plant in an hour? How much can you produce on a shift? This can happen when business goals are focused on money. But when we are dealing with people, it no longer is about efficiency, it becomes about effectiveness and quality care.

The employee is a business’s greatest asset. Our health is one of the greatest treasures we have. Your optimal work environment may be low stress, more co-operative, good conflict resolution, is intellectually challenging, promotes autonomy, provides opportunity for growth and learning, has someone who will listen to your needs, and gives you time away from work for rest and recovery.

Stress can have a significant negative affect on all areas of our health. Stress is a part of our day-to-day life. The goal is not to ride along a stressful life, but to understand the role it plays in our lives and to learn how to manage it on a daily basis. What does a body need in times of increased stress? What can you do as an employer to help staff deal with the stress in their lives?

Wendy Bowen is a successful entrepreneurial small-business owner. With over twenty-five years in the health and wellness business, Wendy has created a clinic that promotes employee health and wellbeing. Wendy’s motivation is connection.  She created the space and time where she was able to connect with her clients, and practice more holistically. Within that space, it was her goal that the employees would be able to enjoy the benefits a healthy work environment, growth, empowerment, and caring.

Start Line Health and Wellness Group (formerly Start Line Physiotherapy) has enjoyed continuous growth over the past four years in business.  Staff retention is high, often with people leaving only to start families. Wendy will share her knowledge from her background as a physiotherapist and small-business owner on how to optimize employee health and thereby optimizing employee productivity.