Happily Ever Now

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Ever felt alone when you were with another person? Or wondered if there is anything you can do about it?

Happily ever after is what we are conditioned to strive for.

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Why did it bother me so much that I wasn’t married? Happily Ever Now is the answer to that question.

I wondered why it bothered me so much that I did not have someone in my life who wanted to marry me

Happily Ever Now is a journey we all take toward discovering our true or authentic selves. It is our relationships with other people that are the essence of the journey, whether you are in a marriage, a partnership, or just a close friendship.

If what you seek you cannot find, look within. Find it there and you will find it everywhere.

In Happily Ever Now, you will travel with me through my first love to present day. My journey to discovering self-worth and self-love is paved with some heartache. I learned many lessons along the way.

You will gain insight as to how an outgoing, athletic, scholastic young girl could have issues with confidence and self-esteem. I will share some of the emotional potholes I fell into, how I climbed back out, and how to avoid these potholes.

Join me on my journey to find your road to self-love and self-worth so you can live happily ever now.