Incurable: To cure from within

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I doing what I am doing?” or “What is my purpose in doing this?”  I have, especially since I started representing Univera, a regenerative health supplement company.

Some start selling Univera because they would like a home-based business and a way to generate an income, with tax advantages. Others, like myself, get involved because they have experienced the product. When I first signed on, I was skeptical because it was a multi-level marketing set up, which I didn’t know anything about.


Whether I am working on reducing someone’s pain from tight or loose muscles and joints, or teaching them about metabolism, nutrition, showing them exercises, discussing stress and its affects on the body, or discussing spirituality and how to practice self-love and self-care, my ultimate goal is to leave people better than I found them. I believe we all have a gift to share with this world. When you are in pain, don’t have the energy, or really don’t feel good about yourself, you are not in a position to do your highest and best good. That is why I do what I do. That is what gets me out of bed every morning. To help other people feel good so they can do good.

So why would I decide to become a representative for Univera? It was only $40.00 to sign up; compared to the greater-than $70,000 it took to start up my physiotherapy clinic, what did I have to lose? I had also made the effort to fly over to Vancouver to hear Stephen Cherniske. I had read his first book, The Caffeine Blues, when I was in my 20s. I have since read his book The Metabolic Plan, and am reading his third, The DHEA Breakthrough.

Next, I did a 12-hour trip down to Lacey, WA, where Univera’s head office was at that time, to hear the owner, Bill Lee speak.  You can listen to his purpose video here, but when you hear him speak in person, you realize he is a servant leader. He exemplifies the type of leader and business owner I strive to be. I’ve heard hime speak four times in the last 1.5 years; I know I have made a great choice in representing this company.


I had to ask myself, how much do I believe in Univera products? My answer is 100%. I showed the products to a couple of my trusted sources (a naturopath and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner), both of whom thought it looked like a good product, neither of whom is marketing it. I have reviewed the science and spoken with other medical professionals, including chiropractors, nutritionists, doctors, naturopaths, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, who are both using and marketing the products.

As a therapist, I make treatment recommendations all the time when people are hurting or have an issue. I can’t force people to do what I recommend, including the exercise I give them, no more than I can force someone to take a product I recommend. Ultimately, it’s the individual’s choice.


Draw out the organizational chart of a large company, perhaps one you work for, starting with the owner, then the president, vice-president, CEO, CFO, then down the department heads, then down the the managers, and onto the employees, then ending with the customers or clients. Even in my physiotherapy practice, I own the clinic, then have 6 associates, and we all have clients. In both cases this structure is a pyramid. Univera is organized like a pyramid when you draw it out. In my research on multi-level marketing (MLM), I learned that several of the leaders in the business world support the concept. Watch Tim Sales, and Robert Kiyosaki. Before you start any business venture, you should do your due diligence and decide if it is right for you.


I am left-brain dominant, which means I like facts and science. Yet, as a health care practitioner, I have come to realize there is also an art to healing, and a blending of the body, mind, and the spirit. If, like me, you like the science behind the products, watch The Science of Discovery, where you will be taken on a Univera lab tour. If you are more of a heart-based person, then I suggest you check out Serve First, which is affiliated with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit Univera supports, and whose primary goal is to provide nutritional support to children around the world.


If you are like me, you believe in prevention, natural health, that the body can heal itself if given the right environment and nutrients. I shop at the local market, health food stores, and the community farm store. I like to know where my food is coming from. I like to know farming practices were sustainable and that the food I purchase is nutrient dense.

When we don’t get the proper nutrients into our body, we are starving our cells. When we put toxins into our bodies, through what we eat, or breath in, our bodies have to work to rid itself of the toxins. We are what we eat, digest, and absorb.

I was asked at one of my Metabolic Makeover workshops, can’t we just get what we need through the foods we eat? Yes we could if we ate all the right foods, all the time, which were grown in high-quality soil and did not sit on the shelves for extended periods of time. All carrots are not created equal. If we could get everything our bodies needed from what we eat, why are people still so unhealthy? Because they don’t eat the right nutrients, or their digestive tracts are so damaged from years of abuse that they no longer absorb the nutrients well.

In March 2012, I did the Gut Flush, three-week program with my good friend Brianne. It was a lot of work (no time for anything but food prep). I had to give up my exercises to eat this way. It was not sustainable for me and my current lifestyle. While I have adopted several of the recipes into my routine, I found supplementing with a greens powder, quite helpful for increasing the nutrients I was feeding my cells. Juicing might be a great option for some, but you do need at least 30 minutes to juice and clean it in the morning. I have compromised and do a blender green drink, almost daily.


People often come to see me when they are in pain, not before. Could the injury have been prevented with a little stretching, release of tight muscles, a strength program? In many cases, yes. Could many health-related issues be prevented with proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, and proper sleep? I believe so. In my 30’s I did not want to see a naturopath because I did not want to be told not eat ice-cream, cheese, bread, or pasta. I did not want to give up my baked goods. Why not? I was not overweight, and felt healthy. However, at the first sign (that I knew of) of hormone imbalances, I made changes to my nutritional habits. I now practice yoga. I meditate more frequently. I get massage on a regular basis. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When something is off with my health, I ask myself, “What does my system need?” It could be better sleep, as I have been staying up past my 10:30 lights-out time. It might be needing more greens to alkaline my body. It might be needing more minerals, which are key in proper function of hormones, so I have learned. It could be that I was giving it too much sugar. Is it protein for repair that it needs? Perhaps, it needs more exercise to help with reducing the negative effects of stress, and improving my immune system.

I try to give my system what it needs to function optimally at the cellular level. That is where life begins. When we let our cells swim in toxic water, they will get sick and die. When we clean up the environment, our cells will thrive, and you will be able to do your best. I had a client whose knee pain improved after she improve her nutritional habits.

Remember, that incurable, means to cure from within.