Listen to Life

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Listen to Life as it whispers in my ear, like the wind blowing gently through the trees. So subtle that I can only feel it when I am still. To hear, I must quiet my busy beta brain. Escape the rational part of my mind, that wants to analyze everything. Caroline Myss has said that you have to be out of your mind to heal. This is because the mind wants "a rational explanation and orderly instructions of God's will for me." My mind is out of touch with the ebb and flow of life. 

Listen to Life, is to go with the flow, as the waters move downstream from the mountain top to the sea. As the river flows, it will nourish life along its path. There will be times of turmoil, like raging rapids, flowing fast and furious. Almost seeming angry at all the obstacles in the way. Like water, I can flow around or over these obstacles, or with time and persistence, I can wear the obstacles down. Carving a new path, and leading the way for those who follow after me. 

Listening to Life, means that I may slow down to a trickle, barely moving at all. This is a time and place to rest and let new life spawn. For it cannot spawn in the rapids. A refreshing pool of water, where there is peace and calm. In the stillness, I can once again hear the whisper in my ear. I can close my eyes and feel the breeze, hear the buzzing of the bees, or the whir of the humming bird's wings. 

Listen to Life, as it guides me home to the sea. To join the ebb and flow of the tides. To become part of the energy of the waves. I will lose myself in the melody of the waves as they greet the shore. 

Listen to Life and go with its flow.  I am choosing to accept Life on Life's terms, and to not attempt to paddle upstream against the furry of the rapids. But rather to sit in the stillness of this moment in time. To ask each day, "Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say?" And then I listen, for the whisper in my ear. I do not know how much longer my journey to the sea is to be. I do know that I am guided, I am cared for, and I am loved. 

"... the act of engaging in life is an act of love..."

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr