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The year was 1994. Sue Rodriguez, who had been diagnosed with ALS in 1991. ALS is a progressive neurological disease. There is often a rapid loss of function, no known cure, and the end result is death as the body grows weaker. Sue wanted the legal right to have a physician assist in her death. Unfortunately, Sue had to commit suicide. The MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying), was not passed until June 2016.

In June 2021, I met with a local doctor who participates in the MAID program. I qualified for the program because of a stage IV terminal cancer diagnosis. I could pick a date within a year of my application being approved. That date could be changed as needed. Or I could contact the doctor at any point that my conditioned reached the point, that it was time to go. That time has now come.

My sister was with me the night of October 31st, that I made the decision to evoke MAID for myself. She had been out helping me for two weeks and was supposed to fly out within the day. It was one of the tougher nights. The pain was unbearable, and I could not get it to settle. Each and every day, my physical function was diminishing. I could do less and less for myself. I had not really left the house for the two weeks my sister was here. My movement was bed to chair to couch to chair to bed, to bathroom.

I did not know the date yet, but I knew that the time was near. I asked my sister to stay with me and told her why. We cried, but I felt at peace. I felt relief. As the pain came down, I picked the date. It was two weeks away. I wanted a bit of time to tidy up a few more loose ends and gradually inform those close to me. It was not time to make it common knowledge. My energy was very limited, and I was focused on what I needed at this time.

After selecting a date, I contacted the doctor and confirmed a date and time. While my body was doing its own thing, my mind had made a list of all the last few things that I wanted to complete to feel that I was ready. As I deleted items from my list, my sister continued to find more for me to do. My Soul is at peace. The water was calm. With my sister's assistance, I was able to sneak in one final relaxing bath.

I will have four people by my side as I make the transition. I invite the rest of you to send me a farewell toast as I leave for another realm, on Monday November 15th at approximately 6 pm. Chose the drink of your choice, celebrate life and remember me with love.

Josh and Crystal Crawford (Genoa Laser Therapy) are hosting a Hospice Fundraiser on my behalf on November 20th. I will provide some copies of the book I wrote in 2013, Happily Ever Now. Any proceeds from sales will also be donated to Hospice.

There is not any official celebration of life planned at this time, but there is a memorial video made available in the near future. Brianne Porter, Bonnie Webb, Cheryl Franklin (sister), and Shannon Knight, will be arranging some sort of celebration of life in the new year (likely closer to my birthday in April).

Today, I am grateful for people like Sue Rodriguez, who forged the way to MAID. As well as all of you, who have sent prayer, love, light, peace and calm my way.