Loving your book. Kinda freaky as I read it, as it touches so many points in my own life!!! You are amazing!


Just started the book. I think we and a million other women out there are kindred spirits!

Wendy Bergthorson

I am absolutely enjoying your book and can relate to so much of it. I think I’m on chapter 13 already! Your poetry is wonderful too:) Thank you for being you and sharing your wisdom!



You didn’t give me pain killers or tell me to sign up for pain management course. Instead, in one hour, you found all the little muscles that were in trouble, like they were talking to you! You are amazing!

Wendy is accurate, knowledgeable and has a common-sense approach. I call her Magic Wendy because she has a healing touch!

Ruth, Maple Bay, BC

I suffered from tennis elbow for months, which impacted my ability to do the sports I love. I was convinced that it wasn’t going to go away. After one IMS session with Wendy, it was totally gone.

Trevor Prest, Maple Bay, BC

I have been going to Wendy for injury treatment and prevention since she began practicing in the valley. She has seen me through some painful running injuries and has always been able to get me back in action.

Nicole Boucher, Maple Bay, BC

My back feels GREAT! I’m so happy! Thanks a million for your great work. So glad you didn’t go into pro hockey! :)

Anne Muir

Wow…I feel really fantastic! Thank you so much for my first treatment. I feel as if I found the proper healing procedure. Your treatment is … I can’t explain how great I feel, thank you. I never felt more alive than I did today.

Derek Card

Hi Wendy, Wanted to send you a thank you for fixing me up yesterday. Totally pain free today so I can get back running tomorrow. Thanks again and I hope you have a great rest of the week.


[My shoulder] is getting stronger almost daily and the range of motion is still improving. Today I went to the driving range with a friend and could swing my golf club; I haven’t been able to do that in nearly 2 years. I’m so glad you tried the Shockwave treatment on my frozen shoulder. You are a miracle worker Wendy and I can’t thank you enough.

Marian Chester


Thank you again for the workshop. Besides how brilliant I think you are, I love that you are so kind, compassionate and willing to open yourself up to help others grow. You really do make a difference in this world.

Leila, Duncan, BC

Thank you so much for the great presentation. This is definitely your calling. You are a true inspiration!

Nicole, Duncan, BC

I really enjoyed your Happily Ever Now workshop. The biggest thing is that I am ok with who I am now and my new journey is just beginning. Thanks again for the evening.


I was happy to attend your Happily Ever Now workshop. The top three things that I took away are gratitude can create joy and laughter, the “I am here to be seen” exercise, and the “Where are you most comfortable?” question. Your journey sounds very enlightening and freeing. I am eager to read your book.

Alicia Johnson

Wendy’s workshop resonated with me to my core. I’ve dropped 32 pounds (still lots to go) and I did my first triathlon last weekend. I had a great day of training today and have signed up for my second triathlon for the BC Day long weekend. I’d highly recommend your workshop. I found it to be thought provoking and inspiring. A sincere thank-you to you all! I hope you are overcoming your barriers too!

Doyle Childs

Peak Performance for the Recreational Athlete is a superbly informative workshop for fitness professional and recreational athlete alike. Wendy Bowen is a gifted educator, transforming complex subject matter into easily accessible, enlightening, useable information by way of research, personal and professional experience. A “must attend” workshop for anyone who would like to enjoy a fit, functional body both today, and into their 70’s, 80’s and beyond.

Metabolic Workshops

I have just started the 90-day challenge and am amazed how great I feel only after a few days in. I like the products; they are easy to take and they have helped me with afternoon cravings I normally get. I kind of miss my chocolate as I love the taste but know it is better for me not to go there… if you know what I mean. Thank you for telling me about these great products. Much appreciated!