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Physiotherapist, Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker


Physical Health

3 Ways To Tissue Trauma

Wendy Bowen, physiotherapist discusses how the tissues in our bodies become damaged.

Know Your Body Better - Neck Anatomy

Wendy explains some of anatomy of the neck.

Neck traction

Wendy shows you how you can traction your own neck.

TMJ Dysfunction (Jaw Pain)

Wendy discusses TMJ dysfunction, including the anatomy around the joint, some release techniques, neck stretching, jaw traction, and other treatments that can help out.

Shoulder impingement

Frozen Shoulder

Wendy describes the shoulder joint and frozen shoulder, along with a few exercises that you can use to help reduce pain and improve the movement of the shoulder.

Releasing a tight shoulder

In this video, Wendy Bowen, physiotherapist will review some stretching exercises for the shoulder area.

Stretching the front of your shoulder

Wendy will describe a few stretches for the front of your shoulders.

Subscapularis Strengthening

Wendy Bowen, physiotherapist shows you an exercise that can help strengthen the subscapularis shoulder rotator cuff muscle.

Strengthening for your Shoulder

Wendy Bowen, physiotherapist will review some general strengthening exercises around the shoulder using the theraband.

Tennis Elbow

What is tennis elbow and what can you do about it?

A Healthy Hip

Why your hip may hurt?

Piriformis Syndrome

Wendy discusses piriformis syndrome - what can be causing it and some stretching and strengthening exercises.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

Wendy describes the iliotibial band, the discomfort you may get with ITB syndrome and what can be done to help, including rolling/stretching exercises and some hip strengthening exercises.

Patellofemoral Syndrome

This is a brief description on patellofemoral syndrome and a possible cause.

Muscle imbalances around the knee

Wendy describes how imbalances around the knee can cause pain in the knee and shows you a couple of stretches.

Knee Stability

Wendy describes stability around the knee and will show you a few exercises.

Plantar Fascia Pain

Stretching the Soleus

Wendy describes how to stretch your soleus (deeper calf muscle)

The Importance of posture for back health

Wendy Bowen discusses the importance of posture in this 10 minute presentation for the BNI group in Duncan.

Back Health

Learn a bit more about spinal degeneration.

Sitting Posture

Wendy discusses some do's and don't when sitting.

Spinal Decompression and more

Wendy discusses spinal anatomy, degeneration, and how you can decompress your spine and help reduce back pain.

Sacral mobilization

Wendy describes the anatomy of the pelvis and demonstrates how you can do a self release of your tailbone.

Thoracic Stabilization

Wendy demonstrates some stabilization exercises for your mid back area.

Arthritis - What can you do?

Wendy discusses what arthritis is and gives you some tips of what you can do to reduce the pain associated with arthritis.


IMS - What is it and why would you use it?

Wendy explains when and why Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is used and why it works.

Releasing Tight Muscles with IMS or Shockwave


Running and Injury Prevention Talk

Wendy does a brief educational talk to a group the Ceevac running group's annual 10K training program.